was wir säen

How do you want to live?

There are many answers to this question. We are all confronted by it during certain moments in our lives. Right now, I am in such a moment, thinking about what my answer should be.

On my journey in looking for an answer, I have been inspired by people who have realized their own visions in the countryside. How do they picture their lives? What decisions have they already made?

In Strothe, a small village in northern Hesse, a community has been living and growing for five years.

In 2016, two families decided to make themselves a new home at Falkenhof farm, and start a community supported agriculture (CSA). As more people became a part of the group, the CSA grew as well — roughly twelve adults and six children are a part of Falkenhof today, living at the farmhouse and in the surrounding area.

They grew even further through apprentices, interns and friends who spent their time at the farm. Not all of them came to learn about agriculture and communal life in the countryside. Many of them are driven by the same questions that I have.

Can nature and the peacefulness of a rural environment slow down the pace of my life? Does the freedom of the countryside come with the possibility to realize my ideas? Can I find a sense of social belonging that feels missing from life in the city?

The people that I met during my time at Falkenhof wrote down their individual answers. They can be sources of inspiration to find one’s personal way, or to reimagine one’s position in life. A closer look at the different perspectives of the community shows that there are plenty of possibilities to live out one’s ideals:

What we dream of and where we put down roots.

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